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Constantin Capital is a private investment office founded by Ana Beysoylu

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Our Approach

Our approach is to achieve income and capital appreciation through the construction of a diversified portfolio. Constantin Capital has a flexible approach and, by investing through selected third-party managers and directly, invests in a broad range of asset classes to achieve its goals. Constantin Capital’s focus is on the following areas:

  1. 01 Public Markets
  2. 02 Hedge Funds
  3. 03 Private Equity
  4. 04 Debt Instruments
  5. 05 Real Assets
  6. 06 Structured Securities
  7. 07 Commodities
  8. 08 Managed Futures
  9. 09 Arbitrage
  10. 010 Foreign Exchange
  11. 011 Alternative Assets

Our Approach

Long-short investment is our core strategy. We execute investment strategies that are resilient through any economic environment.

Research & Insights

We are facing a world of heightened macro volatility in an economic environment radically different from the past 50 years.

Constantin Capital’s edge is its commitment to new frontiers, thoughtful inquiry, rigorous research, and high performance. We analyse the greatest economic transformations of our times, and the impact of these changes on markets, geopolitics, risk management, and asset allocation. Our range of themes is reflected in our insights and commentary published at brunlubert.com.

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New York Office:

Constantin Capital Fund Management Inc.

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Tel. +1-212-209-6175

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